Todd Binder, MBA, TriBridge Partners, Baltimore, MD, (410) 539 2320

“From the onset of my working relationship with Roger I’ve felt that he understood me as a person and as a professional. He was able to quickly assess where I stood in my career as a financial service professional and immediately provided insight and relevant tools to better myself in the profession I am so passion about.

Roger has helped me develop a clear vision on how I want my practice to be run and how I want my interaction with my clients to be. He has helped me focus, set goals, develop a business plan, and is continually holding me accountable for things which are of the betterment of my clients and me as an advisor. He has reminded me that my number one responsibility in this profession is to prospect and to open up doors to possibilities in accordance with keeping a commitment to a high level of service to my current clientele. He has taught me about organization, delegation, systems, and running an effective and efficient practice. Through his vast experience in the financial service industry, he continually brings forth time test techniques and strategies on how to create an effective marketing plan and to create real introductions to potential clients. He pushed me to become a more effective communicator with my clients and he has helped me realize that open and effective communication between individuals builds the foundation for a long lasting relationship.

Through working with Roger I have reaffirmed my commitment to being a successful business person. He has encouraged me to continued look for ways for me to improve and has made me realize through constant refinement, commitment and hard work there are unlimited possibilities in this career. Roger has encouraged me to be the best person and professional I can be and I cannot thank him enough for his guidance and support.”

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