Kerry Erickson, Erickson Financial Group, Center Valley PA (610) 798 2544

“I’m having the best year of my career. What has really caught my attention is that fact that I’m making more money and taking more time off. I can tell you that many factors contribute to one great year after another. And my work with Roger is definitely a big part of my current success.

Creating workflows for my team to follow is only a small part of what Roger has done to help my firm grow at a very positive rate. He intuitively knows what I am explaining and can get to the heart of problems quickly and normally with an immediate workable solution. The twice monthly calls keeps me focused on previously agreed upon tasks and his availability between the scheduled calls makes it obvious that he cares about my growth and development beyond what I had hoped for in a business coach. I now find myself in a position to have a better relationship with my good clients, increase my revenue and better manage my time and energy. The coaching sessions have not always been fun but they have always been beneficial.”


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