Services / Fees

Personalized coaching designed to overcome self-imposed limitations on growth

What do we do?

Individual personalized coaching

  • Bi-weekly sessions conducted by phone
  • Client Management Systems reviewed
  • Marketing plans designed and implemented
  • Contracts and allowance schedules made understandable
  • Staff training programs
  • Nationwide Administrative Team Study Groups

How do we get paid?

Monthly fee depends on structure of sessions and number of participants.

  • No contracts. If you don’t realize value for your money then stop the program without penalty

Practice Management Services (on site in your office)

What do we do?

On site consulting reviewing and assessing

  • Client management systems
  • Image in community
  • Sales Methodology
  • Staff review/who does what
  • Revenue tracking
  • Technology

How do we get paid

  • Fee depends on length and detail of on-site assessment
  • Related Expenses
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